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Dodging Taxes; Yes Multinationals do that!

Although it is said that taxes are too high in USA, but still multinationals are paying less than they should actually pay. Multinational have a huge setup and they are enjoying greater sales and high profit but they manage to dodge the taxes.  According to the study reported in Forbes magazine General Electric won’t owe [...]

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10 Interesting Facts About Taxes

  Paying taxes is a very important aspect of everyone’s life. Filing tax returns and payment of taxes seems a boring task to people.  Let us tell you some interesting tax facts: The greatest tax deductions are those paid to state and local government. The second biggest deduction of tax is on home mortgages The [...]

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2 basic reasons you should file your tax earlier?

Tax payment is an obligation on every citizen. It is important that you act as a responsible citizen and plan your tax payments on time. Filing your tax earlier is of great advantage for IRS but it also has many advantages for an individual who files the tax on time. Following are the few advantages [...]

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Why you should hire a professional tax preparer?

 Tax filing is considered a nightmare by many; people have panic attacks when the time comes for preparing tax returns and paying taxes. Nowadays the option of hiring a tax professional is a big relief for many. Tax filing is not a very easy process; it depends upon every person’s unique financial status. Tax professionals [...]

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Paying taxes; what’s the benefit?

Most people in the USA want to learn ways to avoid paying taxes and try to get as much tax deductions as possible. They need to understand the advantages of paying taxes for the society. Let’s talk about the benefits of paying taxes to an individual and to overall society: The Moral responsibility It is [...]

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How to avoid being in Higher Tax Bracket

  Being a taxpayer you must know that tax payers have to pay greater tax amount if they are earning more. There are different tax brackets set for different income groups. Even if you are earning more, there are few ways through which you can avoid being in the higher tax bracket. Here are few [...]

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Tax Payment; A moral obligation, not a choice  

Many companies and individuals are always trying to minimize the tax amount that they have to pay. People hire companies who help them file the tax returns in a way that they can get maximum tax wave off. But these people and companies fail to realize that tax payment given by them are used by [...]

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