If an IRS representative comes to meet you at your home or office, you need to contact Tax Help MD immediately and get help with your back taxes.

A visit from an IRS representative means that the IRS has assigned this person for your case. This means that your case is being given to a separate revenue officer. You now have a personal tax collector to deal with, in addition to the back taxes you may owe.

This also implies that your case is considered a priority case by the IRS. The IRS revenue officer wants to maximize the tax debt collections from you. If a situation occurs, it is your right to seek for legal representation.

If you choose not to take the help of a representative and talk to the assigned revenue officer yourself, you may provide information that could cause harm to yourself and your family. The IRS revenue officer will be assigned to you for following reasons:

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  • Your debt is a large amount.
  • You are unable to collect taxes from the normal collection method.
  • You have a record of non-compliance of taxes.
  • You have not filed for many years.

There is one major difference between the IRS automated collection system and a revenue officer handling the case. The revenue officer has a greater power than the normal collection system, and the officer can expedite on your wages, bank accounts, files and property.

Do You Need IRS Back Taxes Help?

We offer the best possible solution to your situation. Our Tax Help MD representatives can help with back taxes in a way that saves you from the large amount of debt recorded by the IRS.

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