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    The IRS conducts four types of audits where you require audit defense:

    The Correspondence Audit

    The Correspondence Audit is conducted by mail. It automatically triggers when the system finds any discrepancy in the returns of taxpayer compared to reports filed by the lenders, stock brokers, employers etc. For example, if your reports show that you earned $40,000 in a given year, but the information received by IRS shows that your earning were greater than $40,000 then you are supposed to submit the unpaid tax return of that year.

    What we Offer?

    IRS usually makes mistakes in the correspondence audits, so a piece of advice from Tax Help MD is not to consider such mails accurate unless you counter check yourself. Our audit defense professionals at Tax Help MD have the expert training to understand your case, and finds out whether the claim by IRS is factual. In order to challenge the Correspondence Audit, it is important that you contact Tax Help MD immediately because IRS only allows 30 days for questioning the corresponding mail. Our experts will determine the accuracy of the claim by IRS and act as tax audit representation to appeal the notice.

    The In-Office Audit

    This kind of audit is limited to few items of the tax return. When you are targeted to this type of audit, the IRS sends you a letter which asks you to bring the documents and records related to the specific income issue, deductions, or credits claimed.

    What we Offer?

    Tax Help MD will advice you never to meet with IRS officers alone. Our tax audit defense professionals know the importance of your case and the importance of meeting the IRS Audit Representation. In most cases we will try to see if your audit case can be changed to a correspondence audit so that you don’t have to meet IRS officers in person. Our team can also help you arrange and organize the documents that are to be submitted to IRS. These document will help you validate the deductions claimed on the return.

    The Field Audit

    This method is a complete form of the tax audit performed by the IRS. A Field Audit is conducted by the most experienced revenue officers. The need for such an audit arises when an on-site review of the records and books of the tax payer is required. The revenue officer assigned to the case is trained in dealing with disputing deductions claimed on a tax return, or for finding discrepancies in income reported by you as a taxpayer.

    What we Offer?

    Our team of experts understands the importance of a Field Audit for you. Our audit defense expert will help you go through the whole Field Audit process by setting up all the documents and information required by the IRS officer, and by validating that your presented records are flawless.

    The Repetitive Audit

    Sometimes the IRS audits taxpayers over and over again.  This is known as a Repetitive Audit.

    What we Offer?

    In order to avoid this kind of audit, you should seek our help. The moment you receive the first notification of the IRS,  contact Tax Help MD. We will make your case strong and defend your position in the first audit in such a way that the IRS claims become null, void, or decrease in size. In this way, you will get tax audit representation and protection, and a repetitive audit will be avoided.

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