Can Wage Garnishment Be Stopped?

IRS can deduct the amount of tax that you owe from your salary this method is known as Wage Garnishment. IRS sends a letter to your employer and informs him to deduct a percentage of your pay and submit it to IRS. This notice is known as Garnishment Notice. When an employer receives this notice, he is supposed to deduct a certain amount of money from the pay of the employee and submit it to IRS until the amount claimed by the IRS is fully satisfied.

There are many ways through which Tax Help MD can help you stop Wage Garnishment. IRS allows removal of Wage Garnishment Order only if the tax returns are properly filed.

How to Stop Wage Garnishment After It Starts

Tax Help MD can help you file these tax returns properly and submit them to the IRS. Experts at Tax

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Help MD can help you to fill out these forms in an efficient manner.

It is the requirement of IRS that you provide details of the financial statement along with proof about your financial details. These statements are submitted to IRS through Form 433.

Experts at Tax Help MD will provide IRS wage garnishment help, assist you to fill out the form 433 and any other required documents properly so that your case is presented in the best way possible to stop the Wage Garnishment. Our experts will review your unique situation and develop a case in such a way that your wage is not deducted through wage garnishment by IRS.

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Wage Garnishment

If you have outstanding tax obligations, call Tax Help MD. We may be able to resolve your financial obligations for a fraction of the amount you owe.