IRS tax resolution specialists provide assistance to individuals and businesses with tax problems and help them find solutions to their tax debts.
How Do Tax Resolution Companies Work?


The first step to take in our tax debt resolution program is to have an initial free consultation. This is where one of our experienced IRS tax resolution specialists or Our Tax relief professionals will conduct an interview to examine your unique situation.

Our tax settlement experts and IRS tax negotiators undergo extensive training in IRS tax collection strategies. This educational program consists of training relating to tax settlement programs such as: requirements for a taxpayer to become tax compliant, currently non-collectible benchmark tests, tax return preparation, tax audit strategies, payment plan options for both small and large tax debts, as well as many other case specific issues.

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The second step of our tax debt resolution program involves hiring Tax Help MD to carry out the array of tax debt services, specifically tailored to your needs, which are discussed in the initial consultation.

This step requires you to sign several important documents that will allow our tax professionals to represent you.

Each taxpayer must sign an IRS Power of Attorney form, which will allow us to legally represent you before the IRS. The next required document is a Tax Information Authorization form, which will grant us access to all of your records with the IRS.

Then a Service Agreement must be signed, specifically detailing the tax debt services that Tax Help MD will provide to the client.


Our third step begins as soon as we have received all of the required documentation from you.

This step involves obtaining all of your IRS transcripts on file. These transcripts detail the amount of tax owed, tax returns outstanding, collection statute expiration date(s), a consolidated statement of assessed penalties and interest, as well as other important details relating to your personal tax account with the IRS.

We review the transcripts carefully to fully understand the nature and scope of your issues with the IRS. Then, we report back to you exactly what actions we believe will be needed to resolve all of your outstanding tax problems. This crucial preliminary evaluation and resolution plan becomes the basis and guide for all the required work that will follow.

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The fourth step is to ensure that you are now tax compliant.

Our team of Tax dispute resolution specialists , Tax Attorneys, CPA’s, and Enrolled Agents will complete all of the necessary steps to ensure that you comply with IRS guidelines and requirements. This process will involve the completion of any and all outstanding tax returns, amendment of any incorrectly prepared tax returns, and preparation and filing on your behalf of any other reports or financial statements necessary to cause your tax account to become fully compliant with the IRS’s requirements. This will allow us to move your case to the next step of the negotiated tax settlement that was forecast in our initial consultation.

Ready to get started? Schedule your consultation and enroll in our tax debt resolution program.

If you have outstanding tax obligations, call Tax Help MD. We may be able to resolve your financial obligations for a fraction of the amount you owe.