It is with great admiration and

It is with great admiration and complete conviction that I recommend Tax Help MD to anyone and everyone that has problems dealing with the IRS. Having many years of unfiled taxes and complications within those years I fully expected to be turned away at the door. But to my delight and joy Daniel Fritz and his associates stepped up and tackled my problems systematically and professionally. I never received ‘pie in the sky’ promises or was misled to believe falsehoods that could never be achieved. Daniel laid out a plan and its objectives. He went over the plan with me piece by piece and told me what was expected of me and what I could expect of him to meet our objectives together. He was available by phone and email the entire time and instilled confidence in me that the problems would and could be solved. When the IRS got carried away Daniel was there to assure me of my rights and handled the IRS quickly and strongly to my satisfaction and benefit. I can’t say enough how well Tax Help MD and Daniel Fritz made me feel and how satisfied I am with their work on my behalf.