Outstanding Tax Expert

My sincere and deepest gratitude to Dean Michael, C.E.O. Tax Doctor,8409 N.Military,Suite 109,Palm Beach Gardens,FL 33410, for getting me out of a mess that I thought was impossible. On October 6, 2009, a horrible work accident left me almost completely disabled.I had past tax problems going back many years, The fact that I could never work left me worried and wondering how was I ever going to take care of myself due to these past tax problems; but due to Dean’s hard work and expertise, he cleaned it all up for me. I am now getting Workman’s Comp for the rest of my life,Social Security Disability, and a settlement worth over 3 million dollars which covers all my medical expense, and the IRS can’t touch it – thanks to Dean! I Thank God every day that Dean got me through my tax problem mess and saved me over a million dollars.