I contacted Dean Michael in 2019, after hearing him on the Truckers Network Radio Station, 700 AM. I knew my sister in Virginia needed a lot of help concerning her Federal and State income taxes. She told me she had tried a tax help place before and they wanted to charge her every month while they worked on her problems. She was smart enough not to fall for this, thank goodness. After I spoke to Dean Michael I just knew these guys were honest. I am a retired law enforcement officer and have a good sense about people. I told them about my sister, and they did everything they told me they would do, per our agreement. They completed 7 years of tax returns for her, the years 2012 through 2018, and mailed them to her. Now we are waiting for her to return them to Dean so he could continue his work for her by filing the returns, Of course we are still waiting since my sister fails to do what she is supposed to do most of the time. That is why she is in the situation she is in. Dean Michael and his company fulfilled everything that they promised me they would do. I am so VERY VERY satisfied with them and would recommend them to anyone who has tax problems. They deserve 10 stars.