If you are in full PANIC MODE? Please read full

Are you in full PANIC MODE and don’t know what to do!? Please read to the end. THIS WILL HELP YOU! Best Service Ever! Where do I begin? I will take it from the beginning, I am a Texas Resident, and I have been working outside of my home state. I was very naive of the tax laws and regulations. So recently I was slammed with a wage garnishment from a local Revenue Agent while working in Ohio. To this I panicked like there was no tomorrow. I couldn’t imagine providing for my family with the left over wages the IRS agent left me with. As anyone else would be, I was intimidated, and frightened for my livelihood, how am I supposed to provide for my family with 1/8 of my paycheck. Being the average Joe that I am , I was quick to judge TaxMD as a scam, I understand now the process of how TaxMD came across my tax information. Mr. Dean Michael and his staff mentioned two things: