No. 1: Lack of complete Information till the deadline

It is impossible to file a tax return if you do not have proper information with you. Sometimes few required forms get delayed and you the tax payer is unable to file the return by the April deadline.

The IRS allows the taxpayer to request tax extension, through this the taxpayer buys some time to gather the pending forms and then file the returns. The IRS grants either 30 days or six months extension. The extension time depends upon the tax return.

No. 2: You were not present in town in the Tax season

If you were out of town during the tax season due to which you were unable to access the required documents at the appropriate time.

This is issue is now resolved by the electronic filing system. Taxpayers who are out of town during tax season can often get their return completed and filed by the April deadline through electronic filing.

No. 3:   Schedules and timing interfere

Sometime people keep on delaying the filing process till the last day. People get busy and keep telling themselves they’ll get to their taxes later, and soon enough it’s Tax Day Eve and there’s just no way through which they get return done on time. People don’t find any tax preparer that could help them in the last hour. Other reasons due to which people are unable to file returns are marriage, divorce, some one’s death etc. Filing an extension will let you deal with your situation when you need to, without having to worry about preparing and filing your tax return.

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