Most of the people enjoy doing their own business. They love the freedom and flexibility that they get because of being entrepreneur. A new business owner happily starts of with all the management practices of the business; he hires employees, set up a website, design business cards etc. Most of the new business owners forget to plan bookkeeping. It is a known fact that if a business is not keep records of its income and expenditures on daily basis, it will face a lot of problems in the tax month.

Most of the businessmen stated that bookkeeping is their least favorite task. They find it stressful, time consuming, and difficult.

Reasons which make Bookkeeping a difficult task

  • Unless a business owner has an accounting degree, bookkeeping is tough job. A layman cannot understand the bookkeeping easily
  • It is boring, it is all about numbers
  • It is time consuming especially for a new businessman
  • There are a lot of chances to make mistakes in bookkeeping, and mistakes can be costly.

Importance of Bookkeeping for Business

Bookkeeping is extremely important for a business. A proper bookkeeping helps a business to manage the expenses and income. It helps to keep a check on the financial situation of the business. Keeping track of your business finances is a vital part of owning a successful business.

Methods of Bookkeeping for Business

There are various ways of bookkeeping:

  • Keep a handwritten ledger
  • Use accounting software
  • Hire an accountant to do all the work


No matter what method you use, it is really important to start bookkeeping from the very first day of your business. It helps in filing tax returns.

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