Payment of taxes is an important task, being a responsible citizen you must be aware of the importance of this obligation. Like most US citizens, you must be delaying the filing of tax returns. The reason might be the long procedure or the difficulty in filing the tax return. The fact is that there are some unique advantages that you can enjoy if you file your taxes earlier. Let us tell you few:

File early; prevent yourself from being a victim of identity theft

The earlier you will submit your tax returns the better. Once a tax file is being submitted in your name, no one can file fake return on your name. This will prevent you from one of the major problems of identity theft.

The earlier the better!

Once you start filing your tax returns on time, you gave ample time to find your mistakes and correct them. Instead of filing tax return on the last day and not having any extra time for solving blunders, it is better to start early and get all paperwork done properly.   

The early tax payer gets benefit if he has disagreements with the ex-spouse

If you are divorced, and you and your ex-spouse are unable to agree on who will claim the child, then early tax payment can be a way to solve your problem. Whoever files the tax first gets the claim of the children. Although the claim of the child also depends on the decision of the court, the IRS also plays a role.

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